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Thursday, 12 June 2014



Never knew of such a cut.
That piece you had would probably last about two servings with me.


looks great!


My goodness Billy, this is like 2 pounds!

We really enjoyed this Kat.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Wow have never heard of this fish before but intrigued to try it. I want to find somewhere to buy tile fish too. I've been trying Whole Foods but no luck so far, time to go to a real fish shop!


I hope you get a chance to try some JS!


Surprised you didn't sashimi some.


I envy your weekly trips here. That is a beautiful ivory salmon. What was the oven temperature for the dish in parchment? I agree with Kyle - did you consider using the belly for sashimi? I wish I had that in my fridge right now.


Hi Kyle - There's a reason for that, which will be in a future post. I actually tasted a's really mild, so I decided just to fry it up.

Hi Faye - I actually did the en Papillote on the grill....the Missus thought it would be more of a challenge.... As for the sashimi see my response to Kyle above.

Soo Hom

Wow! Awesome looking piece of fish and some excellent preparations. :-)


It was an excellent piece of fish Soo.

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

ooh i didn't know you were a cook as well! i'm impressed! i know i've seen recipes for fish online but as soon as i buy one, i'm like, what the heck do i do with it! the last fish i bought and cooked (using a recipe) turned out just so-so. maybe i need more practice.


I dunno about that Lynn, though I used to work as a cook. If you'd like to see more stuff we made you can look under the "Cooking" category.

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