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Sunday, 22 June 2014






that's one thing I cannot do, slurp...too afraid to get tsuyu on my clothes :)


LOL Billy.....

Hi Kat - I get a kick out of watching prim and proper looking ladies slurping away!


Hi Kirk, I heard that Hinotez spot was meant to be a prep kitchen for the other restaurants, but yeah not sure if they're out of there for good.
I can eat soba without slurping but that'd be like having a steak and asked not to chew. I can do it but I won't enjoy the meal as much. Japanology has a great bit on Soba too that I enjoyed a lot.


Where's the beef....pizzle!

Gag!!! Haw haw!


HI Dennis - I actually have an update on that spot. I'll post later in the week. It's really hard eating soba ithout slurping...but if I'm worknig, I gotta "save my shirt"!

Funny, huh CC?


Hi Kirk,

Eater SD posted about the Hinotez spot in May saying that it will be turned into "Yakitori Taisho."

Hopefully that look just means they don't want anyone looking inside as they remodel.


Thanks for the update Derric. That's what I just heard too. Missed it because we left for our trip on the 11th.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

What on earth do they need that picture of the um....beef pizzle...for?! Hahahah.


I watched that vid with sis last night and it made us laugh. We didn't grow up with 'dipping noodles' (if that makes any sense). We tried our first Tsukemen after I read about your Raki post last year. Will have to try out the soba dish soon -


Hi JS - It was for an article on some Asian market opening and the stuff they sell.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video Faye! Have fun slurping around.


that video is absolutely hilarious!! XD


It is quite funny Lynnea! Glad you liked it.

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