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Sunday, 29 June 2014



looks great!

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

yum! i've been here a few times since it's near work. the sandwiches are definitely big, especially the double decker turkey one. i also liked one of their salads which is the southwestern style one (don't remember name). i have some pictures buried on my hd too, taken with my old crappy camera.

Fat Killer

Dude! How do you go back to work after woofing down these monsters?

I am curious,what you do...seams like a dream gig! Multiple long vacations per year, daily partrols to scope,out lunch joints. Nice!


Great review! Seems like it would be categorized as a decent lunch spot for workers in the area. Probably not worth going out of the way for, but the large portions and decent quality would fit the bill (heck, that would describe my favorite work lunch spot).


Yes, this used to be Sima's (look at the signage again; they only had to buy two new letters) (Sima's Miramar location is great). Been to Mama's twice now and agree with you; it seems that the heftiness is not on par with an overall ratio of ingredients.


I suggest they call one of their sandwich "The Coma"


Hi Kat - Yes, it was much better than I expected.

Hi Lynn - I'm looknig forward to that post. They do a pretty decent job here.

Mr FK - Simple, when you get older like me, you work within your limits. I know when to stop. As for work, I often do long hours, weekends, and have been in this field (medical related) for three decades. I do "patrol" on weekends, but also keep my eyes peeled.

Hi Jason - Yes, that's a perfect description!

Hi Cathy - Yes, the first two letters look newer than the others. Kind of funny; I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it.

Hey Billy - They should!

Fat Killer

Hey Brohan. I hear ya. I Can't also stop before I get that that "point"..

Nice, sounds like a cool set up..keep patrolling and reporting.

How does the Muffaleta compare to the place in Point Loma, on midway?


Hi FK - You talking about Mardi Gras Café that thing was all bread....kinda stale too when I had it:

You know, I'm not 15 picking pineapple on a plantation I don't need all those calories. So I can, hey, if it's good, I can always come back, right?

Fat Killer

Ouch! Stale...that's no good. I would love to try one down in N'awlins as- a reference.

Had some organic chicken sausage and red cabbage kraut tonight bro.

Got some oxtail in the slow going all night for tomorrow. Living large.

Maybe we,will do lunch one time bro-sky.

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