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Thursday, 19 June 2014



great start to another adventure, can't wait to hear more :)


That was a ton of sauerkraut on the sausage!!! Enjoyed reading this and seeing your travel photos...I've never seen a telescoping device like that. I'm not one for "selfies", haha. Bert would love this place for the beers!

Wandering Chopsticks

This post brings back lots of happy memories. I still haven't blogged my Prague visit and that was two years ago!


Hi Kat - Prague was indeed an adventure!

Hi CC - The Missus has this strange affinity for pickled/fermented cabbage..... That selfie tool was very amusing.

Hi WC - Well, I think you need to get cracking on it! ;o) We loved Prague.




Hi Billy! Prague was a lot of fun.

Hangzhou Hero

Kirk, you must remind the missus about the beauty of gluten and the joy of all gluten products.


Hi HH - I'm trying too....believe me I am. I'm thinking about starting the Gluten Lover's Fan Club!

Christina C

I love this post, it's bringing back so many memories. There is just something magical about Prague, partly because so much stayed intact from the war compared to other European cities. I really like the people there too...I remember I was on a short tour and this couple kept asking questions about the religion and the guide looked at them point blank and said "religion is very personal here, we do not talk about it in public, it is private". I still miss getting my sausage plate with mustard and rye bread. Great posts.


Hi Christina - It's so nice to hear from you! Yes, having never been razed nor destroyed definitely played a big part....there's also something about the "spirit" of the place(s). We just loved the architecture....there's something so beautiful about the buildings here...

Christina C

By the way, I think I'm with your lovely wife, sauerkraut first, sausage, meh on the bread :-)

I haven't yet met a fermented cabbage that I didn't like.


Hi Christina - Seems like the both of you would love a serving of fermented cabbage with a side of fermented cabbage!

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