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Monday, 16 June 2014



what the heck is "california malt vinegar, english style"? i don't doubt you couldn't get flavour off of that.




We ain't that old! I think H&H Salt or Union Jack has the best malt vinegar.


Hi Santos - I haven't a's really bland.

It actually was pretty good Kat. Not great, but good....which is all I expected.

It's all relative Billy! LOL! BTW, if you ever get a chance to try Sarson's Malt Vinegar, you need to check it out.


Goodness I haven't been here in forever. Probably been 7 years for me, too! Looks about like what I'd expect of the place. I might be curious enough to try their scallops sometime.

Soo Hom

Kirk that's cool you visited again! Get the onion rings next time. They are alot better than the fries. I like them better than the fish which is a bit bland. :-) The fried zucchini isn't bad either.


I should have bought some Lays Salt & Vinegar Kettle potato chips, but its so addicting.


Hi Mary - Being tucked away from Balboa makes it kind of easy to forget about the place even if you pass the strip mall all the time.

Hi Soo - I usually get the onion rings......but it just seemed like too much batter for me this time around.

Love salt and vinegar chips Billy! Now I gotta go get some....

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