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Tuesday, 17 June 2014



other than that the saikyo-yaki, It sounds like a fabulous place!


I think you had me at uni. I'm not a consuier of uni but that piece looks so luscious. Nice way to end the meal, Soba my favorite item during the scorching Tx summer.


It's very good Kat!

I love good zaru-soba Billy. It's too bad there's no place in san Diego that makes their own noodles.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Totally agree with what you said about having the best dinner experiences when you come in early before everyone else. During the dinner rush they are just trying to get all the orders in and too late everyone just wants to go home. Some of the best experiences we had at restaurants (especially newer ones that can't handle high volumes that well yet) are when we have dinner early and are almost the only people there.


everything looks so delicious. especially the gobo. yum!


Nice. The uni reminded me of a book I read a while back. I'm not sure if I've recommended Blue Water Gold rush in an earlier post or not, but it is an interesting read.


I had to chuckle when you said you sat in the corner to concentrate. Never tried uni but that piece looked incredible.


Very true JS.

Hi Lynnea - I think Matthew and you would enjoy this place....give it a try.

Thanks for the recommendation Jan, I'll check it out.

Hi Kyle - It was a very nice piece of "California Gold" grade uni.


How do you eat the soba here? Do you mix in the radishes (I think that's what is next to wasabi?). Then dip into the tsuyu ?


Hi Faye - You've never eaten soba before? Wow. This one is no different that eating traditional sobe. You mix in the amount of wasabi and green onions into the tsuyu, dip the amount of soba you want in it and eat.

I went and found a funny little video for you:

Ed (from Yuma)

Looks good. Another choice to tempt me on my next visit. He should have known better than to try and serve you misoyaki


Hi Ed - This place is pretty traditional, enjoyed the kitchen stuff better than the nigiri, except he does make really good rice.

Sam Wong

Wife and I enjoyed a wonderful Omakase Dinner here tonight. Akio-san was wonderful in explaining every offering to us. For the same $180 we spent for Omakase dinner for two, This is much more enjoyable than we had at Tadokoro on our last year's visit to San Diego. Thanks for the blogging.


Hi Sam - Glad you enjoyed it!

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