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Wednesday, 18 June 2014



Man, that's some nice gunmandu.....


Simply delicious fried gunmandu.


The gunmandu cross section photo is accurate, unlike the oblong then round plate of Mapo above, Kirk. Ha.
It was so very good, bill.


I LOVE their huge fried dumplings here! I used to go to Zion JUST for Happy Family's fried dumplings. I thought it had 8 to an order though. Can't remember. How was the service? They never seemed too friendly. I visited UMart one time and it was terribly depressing. I maybe saw two customers wandering the entire market. I hope Hana fares better. I heard on radio today that Zion will have it's 1 year (anniversary?) party next weekend (the 29th, I'm not sure) or something.


I was surprised to see the name change so soon. I hate the parking lot over there but I like the prices of their produce!


The people who work at Happy Family are always very nice, Faye. The dumplings (and everything prepared here) are so very good. Yes, the new Zion location has finally been open a full year; heard those ads and made a mental note to stay away this weekend.

I like that UMart had open aisles (not used for storage, as Zion did) but never did see those pushy 'Zion ladies' which coincided with parking available; Hana is the same (plus the happy paint colors on the walls helps) and I like the prices and choices; it's one of our weekly stops, cc. They are still using UMart grocery bags, so I am thinking something else happened to make the name change.


Fried dumplings looks yummilicious :)Thanks for sharing this visual delight. U mart is certainly the best to serve this!


Those look like some hefty mandu.


They are quite large, crispy and chewy and so very good, Christine.

I'm sorry I didn't see your comment Charish-J. Glad you've enjoyed the dumplings at Happy Family. It's a great place.

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