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Monday, 30 June 2014


Ed (from Yuma)

20 years ago, i watched a soccer game for the first time. Now I seem to watch a game every day. But it'll never really catch on in the U.S. because it needs a lot more gratuitous violence, dozens of cheerleaders, a bunch more time outs for commercials, way more complicated and detailed rules, and numerous additional refs whose rulings can be challenged, analyzed on TV, and finally decided by a panel of legal experts. Then it'll really be like football.

Good post.


Very cool bag! Collector's item! Barbacoa sounds good right about now.


Sounds like a nice little joint. I'm not too sure about the un-de-pooped shrimp ceviche though.


I think you nailed it, Ed-thanks. The fans around here are enthusiastic, and places seem more crowded than when we have Sunday or Monday Football games, but maybe because something is happening almost every day. I'm fascinated by the seemingly new rules occurring with each game.
Thanks, cc- I can't help but see the official trophy/symbol looking like a face palm...and I giggle. The barbacoa here is excellent.
Now that you mentioned it, that's all I see in that photo, Bill...there I was thinking it was such a crisp and clear photo. Either The Mister or I ate it and we have both been fine, so no side effects. It is a very nice little joint.

Fat Killer

Bro, I love mexican food.

This place looks great. I admire the fact you are willing to hit the highways for the grub.

This is the kind of joint where I would go woof down some dishes, head home, hit the couch for a nap and bit of a post meal fart fest.


Um, Fat Killer- If you read the top paragraph of posts, you should notice blue or green introductions whenever Ed(from Yuma) or Cathy is writing a blog post. This post is written by Cathy (me) and I'm not a 'Bro', despite being the Detroit born and current East County resident. I'm a female writer on this blog. I'm glad you like Mexican food; there have been many posts of places over the past nine plus years(check out the left column). Just so you understand - it's kind of disconcerting you are sharing bodily functions online...

Fat Killer

Sorry Cathy! Nice post.

I'm digging La Perla in PB write the lamb tacos.

Er, sorry 'bout that...I'm a sharing kinda guy.


OH wow all the items here looks amazing. The beef barbacoa plate for $8.50 seems like a steal. Do they also offer flour tortillas (instead of corn) with the meals?


It's a great little place, Faye. Of course they offer flour tortillas(there's a burrito on the lunch menu), but when given a choice, I always get corn-it goes well with stews and just about everything Mexican...

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