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Wednesday, 14 May 2014



You are in Brussel ;-)


oh these photos are bringing back memories of my very first trip abroad. =) my very favorite dish: chicons au gratin so, so, so delicious!!


Hi Jeanfi - Yes we were!

Hi Lynnea - So you love endive, eh?


Have a fun and stuffed trip!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

All the food looks so hearty! Can't wait to see more pictures. Just so you know its 100 F and miserably hot in SD so your escape has been quite timely...

Ed (from Yuma)

The endive should have been the give-away.


Thanks Billy!

So I've heard JS....been keeping up on the news and Cathy is keeping me in the loop.

I had thought about doing some beer shots, but that would have been even easier Ed.


can't wait to hear & see more, enjoy your travels!


Horse steak. Tell me that's the name of a cut of meat. J/k. I hear it's a real delicacy over there in Europe. Hope you and the Missus are having a great time on this vacay.


"Buying bread from a man in Brussels....

He was six foot four and full of muscle..."

(from "Land Down Under" by Men at Work) and yes, I know you're def NOT in Australia!


Brussels! Envious :)


Thanks Kat!

Horse is delicious Faye. One of my favorite proteins.

Lol CC.....haven't heard that one in years.

Hi Jimxi - Brussels is really laid back and kind of relaxing.

Wandering Chopsticks

What does horse taste like?


Hey WC - Horse has a pleasant gamey flavor like grass fed beef with an interesting hint of sweetness. I really enjoy horse...sadly it's just not PC enough for folks in the states.


Bienvenu to Belgium!
I hope you are having a great time! We just moved from Cologne (Germany) to Belgium one year ago and really fell in love with this little country. Are you planning to visit Bruges, Antwerp, Bastogne, Liège, the Ardennes, the High Fens, Baraque Michel ...? How long will you stay? I hope you have plenty of time. So many exciting things to see, so much to discover, especially off the beaten paths. I wish you a royal time in this little kingdom with its laid back people ... a lot of sunshine for the next days has already been ordered :-)

PS: Please let me know if you wish "quelques conseils"


Hi Michaela - We loved the vibe and the hearty food of Brussels. Sorry to say we won't be able to visit everywhere. In fact, we're not in Belgium at this moment. We are planning to visit 4 more locations upon our return though. Any advice would be most welcome!

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