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Saturday, 17 May 2014



The issue I have with most Filipino restaurants and their food in general is that they tend to overcook things. But honestly that is true with a ton of restaurants. In the last few years I have had some poor meals in restaurants mostly due to their lack of timing and things get overcooked and tough or dry. You would think that since a restaurant is in business that they would do better but in my experience barely 10% or less get it right.


Interesting, Buddha. My experience with Filipino sit down restaurants is that it isn't the trifecta of crowd pleasing food (lumpia, pancit and garlic rice) but instead the sourness (either from calamansi (in sisig) or the adobos (simmered in vinegar and spices)) and more stew-like dishes (pinkabet). Filipino food has such a diverse culinary influence and I enjoy trying new-to-me dishes and have rarely been disappointed. In any case, I think the fast foods available here are a good introduction.


Hi Cathy - Thank you for your kind words and for this great post highlighting one of my favorite ethnic markets. Filipino cuisine doesn't get as much "respect" as other cuisine, It's not just pancit and lumpia. I consider those "party" type foods and not something I would eat every day, like sinigang or tinola. Their food court has something for everyone. My faves are the chicken and beef empanadas at Valerio's and the pastillas at Filipino Desserts Plus. The multicolored desserts are usually seen at Filipino parties - my favorite is the purple rice.

p.s. the fritter with the shrimp is called 'ukoy'. my dad makes a mean one! :)


I hardly ever eat pancit or lumpia so that doesn't apply to me when I talked about filipino food being over cooked. Adobo to me can be decent if you can find a place that treats it right. Most of the time the grilling is overcooked and dry especially fish. Not my favorite ethnic cuisine.


What! No Halo Halo? ;-)
Any crisp fried tasty yummy skin, FTW.


It's all so true, cc; you've taught me more and showed me places where I might have gone, but not known what to order, all while explaining ingredients and with a story. (I must say that The Mister and I would order chicken skins at Max's every single visit, knowing those were excellent; long before I met you). Your dad is a great cook!

Well, at least you are trying other cuisines, Buddha. I understand some flavor points may not appeal to you, but consistently getting poorly prepared food seems would make a restaurant go out of business. Sometimes I'm surprised at what I've ordered, because I ask for the same item I see on another table (an old New Year Resolution I made; to do once a month) that almost always guarantees it will be prepared properly.

Halo Halo is so sweet, Bill! I'm a Type 2 and have to watch carb intake. Chicken skins are going to be one of the 'new' foods at the San Diego County fair this year-yay!


Awww, well at least you can enjoy non-sweet unhealthy stuff like chicharone of piggy and chicky.


Awww, well at least you can enjoy non-sweet unhealthy stuff like chicharone of piggy and chicky.


Cathy: Having been a professional chef before I have tried a lot of cuisines thank you very much. You must be kidding. I know of many restaurants that serve poorly executed dishes and they are still in business. Very sad indeed. Honestly like I said before, in any city you are lucky to have 10-15% of the restaurants to have outstanding food. Most is just average at best.


So what do you prefer? ukoy or Vietnamese style sweet potatoes and shrimp? I might have to try ukoy.


I do crave the occasional sweet items, Bill, know to limit myself...and a cup of halo halo is difficult, that's why we get the bibingka (in the photo, that's a dollop of cream cheese, which is interspersed in the cake). Yes, chicharone of all types have been a snack. Just yesterday, we shared a Japanese croquette of veggies and a I guess I need to find a Vietnamese one today, to compare. As long as it's fresh, I'm probably going to like it.


Cathy - we WILL try the vietnamese version of ukoy at Brodard's! :)


Right, cc! Bill- I'll be here: in just a few weeks. Expect to see a 'Multiple ethnic, various potato/veggie/shrimp fritter/croquette throw down' post.


FYI, the children of the original owners of Conchings have opened up a Filipino dessert place in Eastlake.

I went yesterday, and they are still under their soft openings status. But something to check out.

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