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Thursday, 15 May 2014



The eggplant slider looks interesting. The buns look good too I wonder makes makes the sauce "Asian", haha.

Keep safe in East County!


Sliders are evil! I just can't stop eating it. Looks and sound like a decent spot.


Each of the Slides are interesting and good, cc. There is also a flavor of the month offered, but the ones I've seen have not appealed to me. The limited menu makes it easy to keep quality items. (We are doing well, thanks).
Not evil, Bill...tempting. I've never really had sliders (other than growing up with White Castle, which were merely 14 cent burgers we'd get after going to the Public swimming pool, even in the cold Detroit winter) and like this limited menu concept. It's quality food.

Ed (from Yuma)

You ate White Castles while sober? I never thought it was possible, but then again, nobody I knew in Columbus was that much of a risk taker.


Dad started us early, Ed. I still get cravings for a White Castle when I smell chlorine. {I also get cravings for chocolate milk when I eat potato chips-the two items our school sold at lunchtime.}

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