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Monday, 12 May 2014



What a cool building and location for a Pho restaurant. I was in the area few weeks ago - I went to that Mexican Supermarket that I thought you had blogged about some years ago. Shoot - what's the name of it. Not Vallartas. Northgate - I think that was the name of it.


The exterior of that place is so very "retro"/time warp. Too bad about the tasteless shrimp and the lack of sausage for the nem nuong! We have to try Brodard's!


This part of Escondido is very interesting, Faye. I like the 'more established' parts of our county when exploring; there's always something that's either withstood the test of time with ownership and business or architecture. I love Mexican Markets; each has some sort of specialty hiding within and all have great prices.
I remember when it was a nondescript 24/7 diner and was closed down about a year ago, cc. Yes, I want good rolls!-these had fresh ingredients but were not unique. The other items we had here were quite good.

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