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Friday, 23 May 2014



Ooh, that shaved ice with peanut powder sounds good! I haven't tried anything from the Korean street food place...yet! The donut shop owner is so nice! I like that her gourmet donuts are not at 'hipster' (cough, Donut Bar,cough) prices too.


Thanks for the tip on the vegan donuts! Since we eat nearly 100% vegan, it's always nice to find a new source. As for Paris Baquettes, did they also have croissants? I'm still looking for anything that's close to the ones we ate in Paris.


It was very good, cc. I think the coffee and green tea ice are the only flavored ones and that the other ices are plain, but will have to research to be sure. We hadn't seen the new Street Food place ever open before this and were very happy with what we ordered. I hear you about those hipster places.
Oh yes, Ken- go there today. I was there with cc last Saturday just before 9 and we saw about five trays of those donuts sell in an hour. All the donuts are the same, it's the toppings that vary; I think you'll like the texture. Paris Baguette makes very good croissants, always fresh (and sometimes sold out).


Mmm... Can't go wrong with donuts. Happy Memorial Day!


Vegan donuts, Soo. Good ones. Thanks.

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