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Wednesday, 07 May 2014



OMG what a great round up! Thank you! I'm a HUGE fan of the McD fish o filet but cannot believe it's normal $4 sticker price. I keep forgetting about their Fri deal on this thing so thank you for reminding me. I've never had a
Paczki - can you recommend a place here in SD that sells a nice version of one?


This is a great post Cathy! Thanks for putting in the history behind this tradition as well. I've not tried hot cross buns yet.

As for paczkis, i think jelly donuts are pretty common and easy to find, so Faye, take your pick of donut shops all over SD. if you want a gourmet one, just go to those hipster donut joints.

Food detective

I read about paczkis. Always wanted to try them. Never had filet of fish but that catchy commercial song will bring me to Mickey d's this Friday.


Thanks so much, Faye. It's not Lent now, so you may have to ask if they have the special Friday price ( I know the McDonalds inside the Santee Walmart does). The donuts in the photo are from Mary's in Santee; wherever you go, just ask for a raspberry jelly donut that is glazed, not covered in powdered sugar- it will be close in flavor- even those from Krispy Kreme.
Thanks, cc. Sprouts, Ralphs and Vons were selling Hot Cross Buns this year. I look forward to Lent, because the HCBs are sort of like Panettone and remind me of Christmas. I wanted to write more about it during Lent, but was kind of busy.
Oh, you'll like the soft white bread/cheese/hot filet crunch, TFD. Ask first (or look overhead for a hanging sign bubble) if the McD's you are at has the special Friday price; it's good, but small. Mary's in Santee would be a good place for you to stop for a jelly donut (as well as a cruller and maybe some tiny filled donut holes) when you are visiting.


Arby's and Wendys fish sandwiches are my favorite so far. Now if Arby's can just do fish and chips right. Butter finger FTW!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Interesting to know about the paczkis, its always cool to learn how in random parts of the US there is still a heavy influence in food and sometimes in traditions too of European ancestry like Norwegian food in Texas and I guess Polish in Detroit!


Great Lent documentary! It would be tempting just to eat jelly donuts that day. :-)


Both of those places offer very large fish pieces, Bill. I miss being able to get fish and chips everywhere. You have to find those Butterfinger Peanut Butter cups- try one 'straight', but then put the others in the fridge before eating...salty sweet crispy goodness!
Detroit had more Polish than Chicago for decades, J.S.. The generations and traditions have remained, but spread out. The streets are a grid system and 3 of the 4 corners were almost always businesses: barbers, shoe repair, small grocers, candy stores, bars, meat markets (with a smokehouse in the back, for kielbasa) and bakeries. There were three bakeries within five blocks of our home.
Thanks, Soo. It's our own version of debauchery...not at all on the New Orleans level, but with the same general idea.

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