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Tuesday, 13 May 2014



$3.99 lunch special sounds like a bargain. I think the fried chitlins sold me.


Hmmm, I've not had chitlins before...


How is the roast and peking duck there?


Ha, I knew you'd enjoy seeing chitlins, Bill. The 'Special' lunch is a true bargain and all the food here is great quality.
It's just a protein, cc. Fried, crispy and chewy-and I like the version here. You have had bulaklak...same thing, different prep.
We've had both versions here, buddha, and both are flavorful and quite large. The roasted is a bit 'plain' in comparison, probably because the two course Peking is what I crave-the skin with pancake as well as the second meal of chopped duck in lettuce cups. I always ask to take the bones home (for soup) from either one we choose and they are deeply flavored.


Great post! We love going there for family get togethers and ordering a ton of food to share. :-)


Thanks, Soo. Golden City serves consistently great food. We always see people here celebrating and sharing.


Wow what a lunch price! Are those portions big enough for a meal though? This place is super close to my work. My coworkers go to Sunrise Buffet every other month... but I'm not into buffets. I wonder if this place could be a substitute! Sounds like cheaper prices too.


The $3.99 menu only has about ten items, Lynn and I don't think include the egg roll or soup (since the bowls of noodle soup are part of it)(my favorite fish porridge is made here). The Lunch and Late menu, has quite large portions and include the other items. I think you'd all really enjoy the quality here. Suggest it!

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