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Wednesday, 28 May 2014



Oh hell yeah...chicken skinz!!!! I want.

it's $1 cheaper at Kababayan (waiting for that post) too.


Thank you for posting the Tagalog translations! I don't eat Filipino food often so it's a struggle when I read posts about Filipino food and have to google each dish. So this post was helpful. I LOVE Chic-Boy and have re visited this place many times. I wish you tried their lechons! They're my favorite here in SD (with their tart vinegar sauce). Can you explain the taste of the fried pork intestines (if you ever had them) ? I've never tried them (mind over matter right).

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Cool. Don't know of a lot of Filipino places in SD. Would you say this is one of your favorites?


Fried chicken skins are just the best snack, cc. Looking at my Kababayan photos, I have too many of just a bag of skins and container of garlic peanuts...need to get some 'To-Go' and photograph it before consuming!
Thanks, Faye. I started really learning about Filipino food last year when cc and I went to Pasadena to meet Marvin Gapultos (The Adobo Road Cookbook) at his book signing. The bulaklak are usually not breaded, just fried, crispy and all ruffled like a flower, with a bit of chew; no real flavor. They do look different (and are less chewy) than the intestines I have photographed in my recent Golden City post.
I do really like the food here (and the available choices at other places in this mall), J.S.. I also like the variety of choices at the Seafood City Food Court as well as at Kababayan Bakery (closest to home for me).


Fried chicken skins. Oh yah!


One of the new items at the San Diego County Fair, JanFrederick!


Mmm.. Bbq and roasted meats. :-) Sounds like my kinda place. :-)


BBQ'd, roasted AND fried, Soo. The best of everything and so good!

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