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Tuesday, 06 May 2014



Great post! I agree, they do a decent job of appealing to both ABC and chinese clientele. And given the lack of similar restaurants in north county, it's nice having a decent option without driving down to Convoy.


sounds like a mixed bag but decent


It does make things convenient if you live in the area Jason.

It was Kat!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Does the acetone come from something used to preserve the jellyfish in or does the jellyfish have a compound that resembles acetone in flavor if overcooked/improperly prepared? Can only imagine that's a most unpleasant taste.


Again, I gotta give you a nod for trying a place more than enough times to test it out. What's the most amount of dishes you've ever ordered at one sitting when you dine alone (and want to test out a place)? I haven't been back to Chef Zhu but would love to try that Yin Doo Xin. That's unfortunate the other dishes weren't as great though.


That was a fun night! Glad that you are always up for ordering an inappropriately large amount of food.


Hi JS - I'm not sure, but it seems to me that when jellyfish is not prepared correctly, there's that flavor.

Well Faye, I wanted to do right by the place.

It always is Candice.....and I love that you always able to deal with my temporary insanity! ;o)

Food detective

Noooo, not the rice! You were doing to well! You guys ordered the whole menu? I gotta give this place a try. I'm always looking for Chinese food up here.


Ha - I was wondering if you's actually read this post TFD!

Ed (from Yuma)

I must have been busy when this first posted, but it brought back good memories of Shanghai City. I had forgotten about Ma Lan Tou, but I really like the dish. Thanks as always.


Hey Ed - If you like this post just wait until my next one....

Jim Gottlieb

You don't want the menu with a star on it. That's the 老外 menu. Make sure you get the real (starless) menu.

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