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Thursday, 03 April 2014



Nice little place for a snack. Kitchen almost looks like shinshegumi in OC.


I love the chicken skin appetizer here. Did you say the green and oolong tea were brought out in heated cans? I've never seen that method before - do they keep the cans in a warm bath before serving?


It's a really nice place, Bill- you can see the rest of the menu via Kirk's posts I linked in the first paragraph. We do enjoy sitting at counters.
That chicken skin is *so* good, Faye. Yes, there is a kind of 'reverse refrigerator' that heats cans; one is located in Nijiya Market (you may think it's a refrigerated display with glass walls, but open the door-hot!) and there used to be one near the door at Mitsuwa: it was an interesting vending machine with cold cans on top and hot cans on the bottom shelves.


Mmm... Gyoza and katsu chicken. :-) I must visit again. :-)


The appetizer snacks are really tasty here, Soo. Ordering enough of them makes a meal if you don't want noodles. I don't care for the karaaage as much as the katsu though.


This is a place I've always wanted to that I've seen this post, even more so. You had me at fried chicken skins!


Oh, no, they aren't fried chicken skins, cc. (If they were, I'd order two). Just boiled, marinated and chilled. Good, but in a different way than you and I know from places like Kababayan.

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