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Sunday, 20 April 2014


Lynn @ oh so yummy

About your last pic and commentary... hehe! I did read about it first on This Tasty Life though! Sounds like an interesting menu and theme, especially the walls! I haven't been in the mood for sandwiches lately but we may check it out in the future just because of land vs sea!


"I really love the fact that their location is pretty much in the pathway of one of the sites I visit in the course of work"

I've always wondered why you would bother with the pho on this street...


Sorry about the multiple posts! I was getting a strange error.


Haha, I noticed that little tidbit in the sign! Not an eyesore, come on now! :) I still want to try that Siren - love the bread it comes on, that split style bun calls to me and reminds me of the east coast.


I've really wanted to try this place. Waiting for when they start being open on Saturdays. Hopefully soon


:D too many comic books! lol. but the sandwiches look really interesting


I love that sign! Don't remove!

Need to visit this place. Everything looks good. I never eat sandwiches outside of my kitchen because I'm a sandwich snob but this place looks reallyyy interesting.


these sandwiches sound great!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Was really excited about the bulgogi sandwich but I can see how the strong bulgogi and kimchi flavors would completely erase any trace of shrimp flavor. Kind of like the lobster grilled cheese I had from a food truck once (can't remember the name). Could not taste any lobster and definitely wished I had not paid $9 dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich.

On the other hand that first sandwich, wow. The way you described it plus the picture....SOLD


Bert liked their scallop sandwich as well (back when they were a booth at the SD public market; gosh is that place still even open?)....

How nice of them to give you props!


Hi Lynn - I think that refers to when I've visited them at the various Farmer's Markets then did a post back in January of '13.

Hi Jan - No worries, Typepad has been a mess since last Thursday. Also, you know me.....will drive for Pho!

Hi Mary - That brioche lobster style roll really adds to the sandwich.

Hi Kirbie - I hope you get a chance to check them out soon.

Too many Lynnea!

Hi TFD - They use good quality ingredients and the sandwiches are fairly by saying your a sandwich make your own pastrami/corned beef/roast beef???

I do enjoy some of their sandwiches Kat!

Hi JS - That and the Neptune are my favorites.

They're a really nice bunch of guys CC....but I think it's a bit too much. That Neptune is delish....


Great sandwiches although kinda pricey for the size. But a good change of pace from the choices around that area.


Now that you've blogged about the sign, its description is true. ;)


Definitely a good change of pace Denver.

You've got a point there Hao!


Interesting sandwich shop.


It really is Billy!


Were these guys at the Convoy Night Market scrum a few months ago?

I'm pretty sure I had their Nessie there but totally forgot the name of the vendor...been looking for them.


Hi SteveC - Yes, they were at the Night Market. They finally got their own brick and mortar shop.

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