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Wednesday, 16 April 2014



Hi Kirk, you may laugh at the "Please do not throw fruits & vegetables" sign, but I have seen little Asian ladies dig into those on-sale fruit containers and tossing out the lesser-quality stuff all over the place, all the while pushing the other little Asian ladies aside AND directing their kids/spouses/other family members to get another cart because "there's a three pound limit and each of you are getting three pounds!!" :P


what a great round-up. loved the last part, I see a lot of people here with their own fashion senses ;)


The sign... wow, unbelievable!


We've made great strides in food safety, which is a plus. Seems like wearing gloves for bartending and sushi has gone a little overboard though. But, I like street food, which is living on the edge of the hygiene hypothesis and Infectious Disease.


No kidding cross contamination. They finish prepping your food and then proceed to ring you up with the gloves on then proceed to help the next person with the same gloves.

Boy the clams looks great.


I've seen the same Jinxi, everywhere......but c'mon, have you seen this sign anywhere else? How about "Please do not open packages and containers?" Poor choice of words...makes me think the customer base is a bunch of out of control adolescents and want to shop elsewhere. And do you think those women would actually obey the sign?

Hi Kat - In this case, I believe there's a disconnect between "fashion" and "sense".

Totally R.....couldn't they have chosen their words more appropriately?

Hi Liver - Thanks for chiming in....I like "hygiene hypothesis".....

Hi Billy - Which is why policies like this didn't pass in the EU.


I think gloves are less sanitary.

So you never saw Zimmern in Baja diving for chocolate clams with Estrella? :)


Love that sign =)


Hi Kirk,
I have had those chocolate clams in La Paz, Mx. They were picked fresh chopped then served with hot salsa and a little lime juice. Oh, so delici-oso!!!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Haha Jinxi's comment...sounds ruthless.

Although I have a general idea of what oysters I like (small + "sweet" ones, the really big ones remind me of the "giant bugger" comment Phoebe or Joey said about oysters on Friends) I just started eating raw clams and I think I have liked every one I've tried. Will have to find some chocolate clams. The slaw you made looks gorgeous.


Hi Jan - I agree. I'm not the biggest fan of no, I never saw that episode.

Crazy sign Lynnea.....

Hi Hulacook - These were really delici-yoso indeed!

Hi JS - It was really don't have to do much to make these taste great.




Ok, this is total BS, surgical gloves, sushi, big brother already has a flashlight where the sun don't shine, can I say "overkill", is this just the beginning? NYC, no big drinks, no trans-fats, etc.

WTF happened to personal responsibility?

Sorry, but the camel's nose and ass is in the tent and it is our responsibility to kick its ass and nose out!

Sorry guys, PedMa is usually not so "PED"; however, this is ridiculous. Example, when a certain Izakaya in my hood, offered me "off the menu" chicken sashimi several years ago and I tried it.I ignored their warnings ("Gaijin stomach may not be able to handle blanched chicken") and it did not turn out well the next couple days, did I call the health dept? No, Did I cry and call Mommy? Nope, considered it a cleanse.

Sushi with gloves is offensive.....punch the camel in the nose! Please!!!!!!!


Hi Billy - I'm sure Take-san appreciates it!

Geeez PedMa.....all I can say is...that poor camel!


Ha! I can tell you why they have that big do not throw sign at Zion.

There's a stern-looking lady who polices the produce aisles and she'll slap your wrists if she sees you tossing aside the bad tangerines while you dig through the pile. She doesn't want you to bruise the fruit!

She's tough! I've had her berate me more than once!


Hi SteveC - So are YOU the reason for the sign? LOL! Isn't it nice when markets treat their customers like a bunch of animals???


Heh...I probably contributed my part...

She is very particular about how you treat her fruit...


Sorry for the camel's nose, but man, if this happens, what a travesty..

Could not help myself on this one!

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