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Tuesday, 08 April 2014



Sadly I have completely given up on buying BBQ in San Diego as I can make my own 1000 times better. I don't eat BBQ that often so when I do I want the good stuff and it is in my backyard. I do wish however that there was one really great place that I could go to. Coops to me is the best that San Diego has to offer but it isn't earth shattering either.


You caught my attention when you mentioned that the owners were from North Carolina... but then the sauces don't really look right :( I do want to try it though as most BBQ places aren't smokey enough for me... besides Coop's, haha.


WTF, kind of crap is this place? You're paying for the food make it the way you want it. No Sauce! BBQ here is served the way you want it at some places you don't get sauce, period.


:( junk sauces


I thought Coop's was pretty good, tohugh it's been a while. This one is in our neighborhood so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Hi Jinxi - I'm not a fan of the sauces here.

Hi Billy - Yeah, that's a bit disappointing.

Hi Kat - Yep, I'm not a fan of the sauces.


I had a combo plate with brisket and ribs. I liked the smoky flavor. Sauce wasn't that good. Not as good as Coop's but you can easily find worse.


Hi Soo - The place doesn't do the small things and the sauce isn't to my liking....the product is a bit over-smoked, but not bad. I really didn't factor in "you can easily find worse".


Tried this place today and you pretty much nailed it. Based on the pulled pork sandwich, it seemed nicely smoked, though like you said, hickory does impart a bit of bitterness. Their sauces are all a bit disappointing, I thought the "classic" was the best of the lot. The Mongolian was awful and the WH sauce was a weird vinegar sauce with a lot of cumin and no heat, so it isn't a typical Carolina vinegar sauce. Sides (potato salad and french fries) were just OK. Cole Slaw, which I had on the side, was also just OK. Service was disorganized and ditzy, though like you said, they were nice.

The price on pulled pork sandwich (and combo) makes it worth going back to. The same sandwich combo is about $13 at Real Texas BBQ, the combo was $8.69 here (and their pulled pork is a lot better than Real Texas's pork). Now, if I can just convince them not to sauce the meat... And get them to carry some wipes (bizarre that a BBQ place doesn't have wipes available).


Hi MikeC - Thanks for the follow-up. I do think the prices are good as well....

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