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Wednesday, 23 April 2014



I would totally eat that but without the feta cheese! :)


Mmm... More fried zucchini. :-) Which version do you like better Greek Chicken or J-K?


I always think of you when I have Feta, cc...and how I just bough a chunk of it to eat on top of a piece of flatbread...its salty and dry and something I crave (in fact, the only thing I won't eat is lima beans...can't even look at a photo of them without feeling ill...)IN ANY CASE, the food here is always so very good.
Difficult to decide, Soo. Probably because the ones here are smaller/thinner and therefore have more breading to zucchini ratio, I do like Greek Chicken a bit more...but when I want more zucchini than breading...wait for another post...


Oh, I didn't know about your aversion to lima beans!


How was their gyros?

A while back, I read an article that basically said that 90% of restaurants buy their gyros-meat-tower-skewer-thing from the same vendor.

I can believe that as every time I order gyros in SD, it's waaay too salty and doesn't really taste like real meat.

I wonder if it's worth it to hoof it all the way out to El Cajon?

Does anyone know a good place to try closer to Kearny Mesa?


I mentioned something about that in this post back in 2011, SteveC (just above the 7th photo). The gyros at Greek Chicken is a bit thinner sliced, which I like to 'fluff' within the sandwich while layering with the tzatziki. In Kearny Mesa, I can't think of any Mediterranean near Convoy, but if you veer West, Balboa International Market (5907 Balboa Ave, **behind** the See's, same parking lot) has a kitchen area in the back of the store, making fresh lamb, beef and chicken kabobs, which I think are excellent and would satisfy any gyros craving, but there is a gyros sandwich on the menu also.


Oh gosh yes, cc...lima beans+my stubbornness+ Mom's consistency about me finishing everything on my plate= a staring contest, cold, cold lima beans and eventual vomit. To this day, a photograph of succotash is enough to get me going...


Thanks Cathy! I will take a look at the Balboa Market.

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