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Sunday, 02 March 2014



I really need to get my fix.


You need to're reading this on a Sunday evening when the Oscars are on!!! LOL!


I have similar thoughts about the first location, I love the texture and mouthfeel of the sandwich, but always feel like it's flavor is borderline too mild. Maybe I'm too used to the hyper-saltiness of a yellow cheese cheesesteak.


So true Jason....but I'm not big a fan of "whiz" which kind of over-powers everything. I guess I'm looking for some kind of balance in all this.


I'm gonna have to figure out how to make this because I've not seen anything like it here...


No cheesesteaks in Japan! Well, you have to change that Kat!


I confess to visiting Gaglione Brothers (MG location) after last week's post on cheesesteaks. I haven't had one in awhile (gotta watch those calorie bombs!) and it hit the spot. The sandwich did seem kind of salty, but not overly salty.


Mmm… Mushrooms and steak… Good combo! I'll have to try it sometime.


Hi Sandy - I know what you mean about being a calorie bomb. I'm glad you got your fix.....

Hi Soo - You don't mean to tell me that you've never had a cheesesteak????


I used to always get Provolone on my cheesesteaks but have since discovered that American tastes better and cheesier to me after all (just not the cheese whiz... dear god, never that stuff). I prefer Gaglione's to most places I've tried in town. Interesting that both locations didn't quite serve up the same thing.


Hi Mary - I find American a bit too sharp for the rather low keyed flavors of cheesesteaks. I was surprised at how different the sandwiches were between the two locations.


They must not be doing too well. They had 4 locations and are now down to two


FWIW Franklin - They seem to be doing some bang-up business at both locations when I visited.

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