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Wednesday, 19 March 2014



I've always wanted to see what the big fuss was about with Koi Palace...Gotta say, the pig skin looked excellent! I could eat just that and be happy.


And die with a smile on your face CC!


Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with XO Sauce looks so delicious. How much was that dish? I just visited Emerald and it's sad that the dim sum here can't be as good as Koi Palace. Perhaps I just haven't found that unicorn Dim Sum place here in SD yet. The suckling pig looks divine - just kinda pricey at $18 but I'm sure it was worth the price.


porky goodness!


Wished that I found your site sooner. The amount of time I've been to SF I could have stopped by this place. Next time... Glad someone else loves crab roe. When I buy crab I usually pick the female since they so yummy with their roe. The time that I ventured to Sea Harbour they were closed for a wedding. I never had a chance to try.


Hi Faye - I believe $4.95.

It is Kat!

Hi Billy - I hope you get a chance to stop by and check them out!


The first time I went to Koi Palace was in 1999, and they have since expanded the Daly City restaurant. I've had some excellent dim sum there, and I noticed it seems best on weekdays (not that I've been there that often). Hong Kong Lounge on Geary Blvd is really good (family favorite), but that place is a zoo on weekends.


Mmm... Sucking pig. :-) Now I'm craving it! Where is that stupid bullet train my tax money went too?


Hi Sandy - We went on a Friday so the place wasn't packed to the gills....still, I wasn't as impressed as I thoguht I'd be.

Hi Soo - That pork is worth the price!


Regarding the Turnip cake.

I've been eating Dim Sum in London for pretty much all of my life and since the mid 1990s, I've noticed that the flavour of the Turnip Cake has been getting weaker as the years pass.
I used to love that particular peppery radish flavour to the point that whenever I was in Hong Kong where you could get bowls of it served steamed in a bowl (not very common in the UK), I'd eat the bowl by myself.

But I digress.

What I was going to say that I think the lack of flavour, around my part of the world at least, is more to do with the difference in quality of the produce. Vegetables just don't taste like they used to and I notice it most in the Turnip (mooli/daikon), taro and eddoe. Even sweet potatoes (US: yams)don't seem to have the same flavour as they used to. When we make our own turnip cake, it just doesn't have the same flavour intensity.

As for the cheung fun, my favourite is always zha liang. My family have long used that to measure the quality of the Dim Sum chefs. The lightness of the youtiao, the thinness of the cheungfun and perhaps most important of all, if the chef is happy sending out one that has been left to get soft.


Hi Peter - We search out different varieties of daikon. You might want to try something from the Korean varieties which are spicier. The typical Chinese varieities have a higher water content, though there's a variety that is often sold as Taiwanese Daikon and is known as Giant Luo Duo that is quite good. The turnip cake here was very bland, blander than most others I've had.

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