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Wednesday, 05 March 2014



that darth vader look is super popular during the summer over here, super scary looking yeah?! lol


Yeah Kat...for some reason it kinda freaks me out.


LOL, REALLY!!! Awww she didn't have arm gloves on. Sun damage is very bad though. Can't blame her that she wants to keep her pearly white skin blemish free, but not her legs. Rice ships, cardboard flavor...


Now the world is gone, I'm just one.


She had long sleeves Billy, otherwise....

LOL Jan...


"H1N1 flu shield" Awesome photo! Could be handy to shield her from all the sickos out there that might cough on her...


I always wanted to open a Pho place. Call it Pho Que. If it did well I would open Pho Que 2.


There's no seal on the shield Soo....though it'll block spatter....

Aiyah goodness...


I've seen some pretty large visors but never one that was covering the face lke that! Maybe she kept it on inside the market because of exposure to the fluorescent lights? Speaking of businesses away from Convoy Street, I read on Eater SD that 85 C is supposed to be opening a branch at the new strip mall on Balboa & Genessee. This could be bad news for my waistline ...


Hi Sandy - So she's afraid of fluoro-burn??? ;o) Yes, 85C opening I believe next to Pieology.


How did you manage to take a picture of that lady? LOL Mr. C took a few funny ones in Hong Kong. You guys are so mean. lol.


What do you mean TFD...... I turned and snapped a photo.


I'm pretty excited about the pho place, it will be my closest restaurant, that and the new bakery coming up in the balboa Mesa complex, things are looking up :)


Hi Jenny - I'm hoping it's better than most of the other Pho places in the area. And that mall is going to be crazy when 85C opens.

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