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Monday, 10 March 2014



Looks like a good deal, the pieces of fish are almost larger than the tortilla!


It's pretty good deal Jason. You can't complain for a $1.25

Gypsy Jan

Hi, KirkK

Mariscos Tijuana JR is a long time institution on the free road about five miles south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

They have very good food and every time we drive by, we see Rosarito police cars in the parking lot.


Omg, kirk! you mean to tell me you were on Palomar the same time i was? when i read your response, i thought you had seen it a few days ago not the very same day/time! haha...we were on our way to target...

hmmm...i took a drive by photo and the cars are different.


Hi GJ - That's interesting...thanks for sharing...

I was at the light trying to get out of the parking lot when I wrote that text CC......


haha, we were at the light so we could turn into the target lot! we missed each other, literally!


i just realized my photo is from the side facing out towards palomar. your shot is from within the parking lot! :)


That was so strange.......such a coincidence. Great minds and all that!!!


Kirk, Glad you got a chance to check out Mariscos Tijuana Jr. Without a doubt it is the largest fish taco known to man for $1.25. There is an orange squeeze bottle hot sauce there that is pretty damn hot! I think so far it is the best fish taco in San Diego.


$1.25 what a delicious deal!


Hi Jeff - It is quite a deal.

Yes it is Kat!


The Tijuana JR taco truck is now on the NW corner of Broadway and H.


Hi CC - Yeah, we saw the truck the last time we were headed home from Aqui es Texcoco.

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