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Tuesday, 25 March 2014



You're determination to give a restaurant that *one* more extra chance is noteworthy. I remember when Tajima used to specialize in Shabu Shabu (gosh, how many years ago was that?). I've never been a fan of their ramen. The last dish I ate there that I liked was the salmon carpaccio (served exactly the way your beef tataki was actually!). How was the parking when you visited?


That was a while back Faye........parking was no problem during any of my visits, since they were all "early".


" Tajima may not be even in my top 5 "

Hi Kirk,
Which restaurants are in that top 5 now? Thanks. --a.c.


Hi AC - So let me think....

1 - Santouka
2 - Yamadaya
3 - Yakyudori (Shio Ramen only)
4 - RakiRaki (Tsukemen only)
5 - Gunco
6 - Tajima
7 - Underbelly
8 - Izakaya Masa

For now......


Great post! I agree, Tajima is a holdover from when there was limitted competition in the area. Now, we see LA quality ramen oozing it's way down here, and they haven't stepped up their game to match.


I think you gave it more than enough chances...move on. Unless you're around the corner for a hot mess.


Hi Jason - I think Tajima has found their niche; in more of the quantity versus quality section.......

Hi Billy - Yep, I'm doing exactly that!




What restaurant would you recommend for okonomiyaki (besides your house)?


Double :o( Kat!

Hi Jan - You can try Sakura....but the two times I had it there; it wasn't very good. Just make your own Jan.


Hey Kirk, thanks for the post, as an FYI....change of ownership sign up at old Izakaya Tec Chan.....have not see what it is yet. Just an FYI.



Hi PedMA - Thanks for the update!

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