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Thursday, 27 February 2014



hey there. where do you like to source your salmon in San Diego? I'm having some difficulty getting consistent quality. I want to try to make fermented gravlax, maybe with the help of some whey.


She is sooo lucky to have you as head chef :)


Hi Bryan - I usually get my salmon from Catalina Offshore - they often have good wild salmon, but I find it a bit too lean, so I usually get Scottish or Mt Cook Alpine. Good luck with your fermentation project, let me know how it turns out.

Thanks Kat!


Such a sucker! I can relate...LOL


Is that burrata on the asparagus?


LOL Billy!

Hi James - No, those are some kinda ugly poached eggs....does kind of look like burrata though, doesn't it?


Bahaha I'm pretty sure I've rolled out bed on weekend mornings thinking about "red-cooked" pork belly. I've also been greeted in the morning with, "When are we eating steak?" =)


I'm trying to laugh really quietly right now. I always love these posts.


That first pic looks like Kalua pig and cabbage.


Well Jinxi, you need someone to make that for you then!

Hi Kirbie - Well, it does keep things interesting 'round these parts.

Hi Kyle - Man, you get quite a surprise if you thought that was kalua pork and cabbage (tho' it does kinda look like it) and had a bite!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

The suan cai dish looks great! I love things that you can make like that in a large batch and then just have around forever and add to everything. I made pickled red onions for carnitas tacos then pickled daikon + carrots for banh mi and now love having those two big jars in my fridge to add to whatever I want. Haven't tried fermenting anything yet but I want to try, maybe starting with kimchi?


Hi JS - Maybe start with sauerkraut like we did? Though I have to say, suan cai is even easier. We love our fermentation crock:

Good luck and hope to read about you fermentation adventures!


I thought it was cheese on asparagu also. I guess runny eggs is probably good on anything.


On just about anything Billy!

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