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Thursday, 06 February 2014



Cathy! I'm here right now as I'm reading your post! How funny is that?! I've never seen the grill out front - the squid thing looks quite good. I LOVE that ham & cheese bread. They didn't have it today and the manager told me they might only make on weekends now. Dang it.
Great post! I'm hoping to write mine about this place soon.


Hi cathy, Nice post! I find it interesting that they have "tinola" there (a Philippine soup), but I am happy that they have it! That's one of my favorite comfort foods. The grilled squid looks pretty good. You can get something similar at Grill City in Seafood City.


Small World, Faye! I need to carry my laptop in there, it seems everyone does. The grill was only the weekend before Thanksgiving; random...I kept looking for it (and checking the website and Facebook) and it was just that one weekend. I also love that ham and cheese bread; the filled rolls are good, but not the same as the items baked into the bread.
Thanks, cc. They do still have a soup of the day, but not tinola lately. The ethnic fusion is kind of random; everything I've had has been really good and pretty much unexpected; we haven't had the same thing twice (other than the baked goods and lately there seem to be some new items). [I've started a Grill City post...and the stuffed whole squid is wonderful.]


Aw, too bad the grill was only that weekend. I've been meaning to try the new items, so thanks for the reminder. I like the coffee cream pastry (think that has almonds, too) and the one with pecans like a pecan pie filling.


Me again...they also have packaged grilled squid near the meat section in Seafood City (mine, in CV). It's near the packaged lechon kawali, fried fish, etc.

i hate cleaning out giant squid. the guts gross me out.


I know both of those pastries quite well, Sandy. I do lean toward the nutty sweets. The varied offerings in this setting are nice; Pangea is tending toward the 'Cafe' in a more focused way now...
I ate so much squid in when in Italy, cc. Remember coming home (in Norfolk) and purchasing the large ones and quickly became an expert at cleaning those so I could eat it in every preparation I could think of. There were so many ink sacs tossed away; never thought they were useful for anything and now it's used in everything. I've seen those in Seafood City, but never purchased any...soon, it will be Lent and I probably will be trying ready made everything.


I haven't had grilled squid like that since I was a kid. I used to love it. Haven't been to Pangea in a long time since I've been kind of curbing the baked goods. But I might just have to swing by for some of those grilled items!


The squid was great, Carol. Each time we walk in, the menu is different and then there's some sort of different baked item (raspberry oat squares come to mind).Always an adventure-with WiFi.

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