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Thursday, 02 January 2014



I have definitely been curious about this. Looks like you managed to sample quite a few of the cooked dishes. Only about 132 to go...


Just 132 +/- to go Kirbie......not that I'm up to the task!


I can only imagine how much worse this parking lot will be now. Yikes. I heard this place was opening so I'll have to stop by and see what's it's all about. Is it kinda like Kang Kang in SGV (in terms of variety and ordering). Do they accept credit cards here?


Hi Faye - The menu is not crazy big like Kang Kang, it is standard simple dish focused. The sign above the door now says "Cash Only".


That was a fun lunch! Have been back a couple times since.


Sounds like its a little better than McD. ;-)

hk kid

Finally no drives to LA....San Diego does lack in the chinese food dept. First place was Liang's kitchen but quality has dropped. The last place to open Yes! Pingo JUST BAD Isnt word to explain how bad that place is. Yes there are a TON of szechuan restaurants, but then you got salty or just plain HOT. Buts as far as a good Cantonese or good dumpling place there isn't any to be found. Forget HK cafe syle ," A cafe" couldn't make a dish or a decent milk tea or lemon tea to save its life!!


It was Candice......always a fun time.

Hi Billy - It's decent grub for a good price.

Hi HKK - You should have seen how it was when we moved here in '01.....

Tenjo Bara

The 3 cups chicken and the lamb w/scallions are our favorites to order here. You can also order without MSG. Their hong shao rou 紅燒肉 is quite good (tastes better than it looks), as is the cold yuba/celery/carrot appetizer 涼拌腐皮 and braised arrow bamboo shoots 箭筍.


Thanks for the rec's Tenjo.

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