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Tuesday, 28 January 2014



Thanks for taking one for the team!


eep! don't go back there....


The "Hummus Especial" on the menu looks like it's supposed to be the side dish with your Donor-rito.


Hi Soo - This was really disappointing.

I won't Kat.

LOL thanks!


I ended up here with co-workers because another place had closed and we went on a whim. We tried a pizza though, which was pretty bad and we got water served in soup containers. It was interesting to say the least!


Hmmm, doesn't seem like a return visit is in order...chalk that one up as a loss.


Doesn't sound very appetizing Mary......

Definitely not, CC....


That was the funniest $4it ever. Sorry for Mexican infusion experience.


LOL Billy! I'm glad you enjoyed was an unintentional Turkxican con-fusion dish.


You may want to consider trying California Kebab. I haven't been to their PB location. I used to go to the one near SDSU before basketball games. That one closed down though.

The lamb (I always get lamb in a doner) can be a little dry at times, but they serve it on a more pita like wrap. They also have a variety of sauces that you can use.

I go to the Kebab Shop more often since it is closer, but I don't really like getting my doners in tortilla wraps either.


Hummus Especial!! Totally Turxican.


Hi Kha - After being to Turkey....all of these fall short.

Totally Alicia....LOL!

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