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Wednesday, 29 January 2014



interesting name if they aren't using it for the cutlet...

Gypsy Jan

I really appreciate your "Beware of" posts.

Katsu Cafe and the Turkistan burrito place will never see me visiting.

Thanks, Gypsy Jan


Is it really that hard to make Miso soup? Is it wrong to judge a restaurant alone by it's miso soup? IMO, if they can't make the most simple stuff....I'm done ranting. :-)
I think all the dishes is missing an easy over egg.


It is Kat...hopefully they'll change the name on their menu.

Thanks GJ - I think Katsu Cafe is ok if you want Americanized Japanese, but that "Doner" was terrible. Thanks as always for reading.

Ii's not Billy, but that is where a lot of places cut corners and water things down.


I like how they just stuck a banner over the old name and called it a day - no decor change or anything. I hadn't been to Teri Cafe in a long, long time but it was always decent. Nothing awe inspiring or anything - sounds about the same with the new owner.


Bummer about the yakisoba. What places have good yakisoba? I like it at Khan's Cave.


My friend comes here all the time b/c he says it's cheap, good food. I visited once with him and thought it was ok. Have you tried any of their rolls/sushi? I think my combo way back then had 4 pieces of CA roll or something. Do they have the katsu sauce on the table or do you have to request it?


Quick and dirty Mary! I'm sure (I hope) they get a new sign and actually change the name of the "cutlets" on their menu.

Hi Soo - I thought Tajima made a decent yakisoba, I haven't had it in a while, need to check it out.

Hi Faye - They bring you a squeeze bottle of the sauce when you order katsu. You know I'm not a big rolls I really can't help you there.


Yeah, friends rave about Teri(Katsu) Cafe but I always thought they were mediocre. I always thought their Miso soup was lame too (I didn't think it improved as Ktsu). It's an OK alternative to Niban but I think Niban is a little better.


Teri Cafe in Oceanside is waaaaaaaay better.


I am a regular patron, 3-4 times a month. I was disturbed by the way
clean glasses from the kitchen were being handled and stacked on the front counter, so I reported it to the owner. Today I was pleased to see a new and safer procedure had been implemented. Nice to see others also care about food safety. As to other posts, the food and portions are both excellent. The owner seems to be the same person as before.


Hi Robert - Well, "the food and portions are both excellent", that's all relative....

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