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Sunday, 12 January 2014





Maybe the owners are from Detroit?


The sandwich at Firestone looked pretty awesome. The one in this post......ahhhhh? In SLO you were in Santa Maria Style BBQ country. Cooked over a grill that raises and lowers the meat to the flame using red oak as the heat source. If you have some extra time the next time on your way up north, I highly recommend the original Hitching Post in Casmallia. Off highway 1 near Santa Maria. The top sirloin has the flavor. You must have the artichoke appetizer. Steamed and finished off on the grill. Addiction.


There's really nothing here that screams "Detroit"; the branding/emblem wings, yes(almost every auto company has had a winged symbol on the trunk or as a hood ornament, this design looks closest to the Pontiac wings), as well some of those metal signs on the wall. In Detroit (I'm talking City of, not suburbs) smokehouses abound at corner stores and even in some back yards (kielbasa you know) and if you put smoked meat on the grill to re-warm, you baste it in sauce to have a thin layer baked onto the meat(I don't recall ever having sauce on the side). I'll have to do more research (here and in the City, soon).


LOL Kat! It wasn't that bad, just not that good!

Could be CC....just want Cathy's feedback.

I know Jon, that's why I wanted some tri-tip. I've been to the HP in Buelton years ago, before all the "fame".

Interesting Cathy. Thanks for the info.

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