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Saturday, 11 January 2014



sounds like a great place!


Dangit! We head to the Bay Area every year to spend thanksgiving with my family. This year I decided to split up the drive up into two with a stopover in Morro Bay. I got nostalgic and took the family to Andersen's Pea Soup. Let's just say it ain't what I remembered. Then again, it's been 30 years.

So after downing fairly tough Tri Tip and bland sausage sandwiches, I wasn't in the best of moods when my brother (UCSB alumn) texted me about an hour later suggested I check out Firestone Grill for lunch. He must think we eat lunch at 3 like he does. :)


I went to Cal Poly and ate my weight in Firestone tri tip sandwiches! Any time we take a road trip to (or through) SLO, we stop there. We also have an agreement with friends that if one of us is in the area, we bring back sandwiches for everyone. Firestone packs all the components separately (and I swear you end up with more meat). I like the bbq sauce because, to me, that's how the sandwich is. But, I agree it's sweeter than what I would usually go for.

The second time I took my husband there, he wanted to try other sandwiches. Having gone through the entire menu during college, I told him he wouldn't be happy not ordering a tri tip. He tried to get me to share my sandwich and I refused (mine! All mine!) so he ordered 2: tri tip and pulled pork. We took home most of the pulled pork and picked at it later.


Hi Kat - That sandwich was surprisingly good!

Hi Jan - Hope you get a chance next time around.

That's a lot of tri-tip Leanne....I'm kind of envious. ;o)


Maybe I've should have visited SLO.


Maybe Billy! Perhaps someday. This was a good sandwich!

toodie jane

Tri Tip actually comes from the beef loin, at 7% of total loin wt. The primal is "Tri Tip" and the NAMP number for the whole roast(should you ever want to order one through your butcher) is 185C. Cross-cut steaks from the roast are 1185C--sometimes labeled at retaurants as Coulotte Steaks))

Historic local-style tri tip sands are never served with sauce. Hand-cut slices are slapped between two slabs of hearty bread, (never prefab buns) maybe brushed with butter or dipped lightly in pan drippings (ya gotta ask for this!)maybe a nice hot fresh tomato salsa on the side but never with bbq sauce like they do in Texas.

Does look very generous serving-wise, but the decibel levels in that place oughtta be outlawed. I'd rec takeaway only.

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