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Wednesday, 08 January 2014



Ruin duck with broth. :'(


Pho Pasteur was the 1st place we ever had pho in '96, back in my pre-blogging days. Haven't been there in awhile, but I do remember liking their Bun 7.

Ed (from Yuma)

Your post brings up an anomalous memory. I know I have eaten there (and I remember odd things like game?? or frog?? on the menu?) but I have no context for the memory. I have no idea who I was with or why I was there. I can't even remember what I ate, but unless this is some strange dream . . .


I know, Bill. The guy who always waits on us never writes down the order and someone else delivered it. We didn't want to raise a fuss that day.
What a nice memory, cc. We always get to this corner, park and have to decide if we want Mien Trung, K or Anh Hong. The Bun is really good here, too; salad part has mint shreds.
Excellent memory, Ed! The menu has frog, quail, cornish game hens and squab. There's also this squid stuffed with pork and mushroom appetizer that we like.


"bean thread (not noodles) chicken soup"

That's what I was looking for! I've been battling this flu for over a week. I paid a couple of visits to Lucky when I was at my lowest and ordered Pho Ga w/o noodles and extra ginger (I even added tendon once). My stomach couldn't handle a boatload of rice noodles, so I went without. But the bean threads would have given it the texture the plain broth was lacking.


Yes, JF, I always look for or ask if they have bean thread and it is just the right texture...and resort to no noodles if they don't have bean thread. Alternately tossing bean sprouts into the hot soup gets them soft, or you can ask for cooked sprouts, which works.

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