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Thursday, 23 January 2014



i always thought this was one of those typical vietnamese cafes with mostly viet/asian men clientale but I don't think we've ever gone in... you guys should try out a couple more items and report back what you find! (unless we happen to get the urge to try it out and write one for ourselves)


Nice to know about this place...I didn't know you could add on egg in the banh mi!


Oh, I was the only female in the place, other than the waitresses, Lynn...the combination of Keno, Lotto, card games, board games and cigarette smoke did make it a typical Viet Café. The food was excellent and The Mister and I just went back today because we liked it so much here; this was a short post.
It is kind of easy to miss, cc, and I am very glad we stopped here. Most of what I know about banh mi is that Ba Chi=pork belly, Chay= vegetarian (usually with tofu) and Trung=egg; pho orders are easier.


Now that's what you call a breakfast sandwich.


It was filling as well as flavorful, Bill. Kind of expensive for a banh mi, but large enough to be shared.


The soup offerings look interesting.

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