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Wednesday, 15 January 2014



So the teapot wasn't as cool as the sugar? Perhaps if you had remembered to wear your formal attire, they would have brought out the special pot. :)

Those little tea sandwiches look tempting. And who ever heard of a large strawberry being excellent?


Thanks for this post! My best friend in LA introduced me to this park years ago and we have yet to try the tea room. I thought the price was kinda high but now I think it might be ok after seeing your pics (and the caviar!). Is it reservations only?


This is such a romantic, beautiful and inspiring post. I want tiny fancy sandwiches and cheese and fruit for lunch, along with trying some of the tea gifts received at Christmas.


The gardens are awesome! I visited last month too. :-)


looks like a great spot, I always like a good meal in a beautiful setting that includes a stroll. High tea is always fun but I like the idea of a buffet so you choose what you like.

Ed (from Yuma)

Well, jan, I'd hate to have to rent a tux. Plus I think the special pot is in Colorado right now ;-) And it wasn't just that the strawberry was huge - it was December.

We had a good time, and I should have stressed that the service was outstanding for a buffet - very classy.

thanks for the positive comments, fh, Soo, Cathy, and Faye. We had a good time and it was a fun post to write!!


hi ed, what a classy place. i've heard so much about the huntington gardens as well as their tea service. what a great selection of food (wow, caviar?) too! i would have gone for that salmon myself!


Hi Ed - I'm glad the both of you enjoyed the tea room.......we used to be members and the Missus always enjoyed it there.

Ed (from Yuma)

It was classy, cc.

Thanks for the tip, Kirk. One of Tina's friends at work had already told her that the Huntington was his favorite museum etc in the LA area. But hearing from you how good the food was, clinched the deal. We would happily go back. And there are more gardens and gallery rooms that we did not have time to get to on this visit.


Hi Faye,
We made reservations online 3-4 weeks in advance because it was over the holidays, but that was probably overkill. While we were there, I did see people coming in and checking if there were any openings, and they were turned away because the place was booked solid all day long. There are probably times though, that you don't need a reservation.

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