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Friday, 20 December 2013



Ooh, those crispy crepes at K's look so good! I haven't seen them before.

Your kouign amann came out better than mine did. Mine did not rise because it was too cold! I still have two boxes in my freezer and hope those batches will turn out better. thanks for the tip on these.

Your apple blueberry fritter is calling my name.

I came across a delightful surprise today on my day off...illegal Kinder Surprise eggs at a small shop in San Ysidro. Bought 3 of 'em, ha ha!


Nice! Makes me want to hop in the car and drive over to Pangea Bakery for a treat. A nice mission impossible objective for tomorrow.


I was surprised at a variety of new items at K Sandwiches, cc- they do their own cronut version (sold on the counter also)- and have a few other unusual items...maybe trying to see what sells. I still crave the curry from the steam tray the most.
Now, Pangea...two words: bulgogi cheesesteak. Yes, Ken: not sweet (well, it's sweet and salty). There is a menu on the counter. The weekend before Thanksgiving they were grilling whole squid on the patio in front. (A post is forthcoming...there is a lot more than bakery items and various coffee available. Soups have been good so far...)

Wandering Chopsticks

I fell in love with kouign amann in Paris. Too bad they haven't quite caught on in the U.S. So when I saw them at Trader Joe's the other day, of course, I had to buy. Had to proof them in the path of the heater vents because they didn't rise enough overnight. I may or may not have eaten them all in one sitting. :P


Kouign amann is a perfect pastry with just enough sweet, WC; wish it was more popular, too. We hardly ever have the heat on inside the house, so I warm the oven (at 200º) or put the pastries in a still warm oven right after using it; it retains the heat enough to allow rising. Alternately, I do the same thing (pre-warm then shut off) in the toaster oven with a single pastry. (I am diabetic and need to keep my carb intake to 20 or less per meal/snack; that's why lots of single items cut in half happens.)


I'm an apple fritter junkie.


I picked up a box of the kouign amann at Trader Joe's, but haven't tried it yet. With the colder weather at night, it's a good idea to let them rise in the oven.


24/7 JanFrederick...blueberry apple; a very nice treat. If you want a great fritter on Christmas Day, Mary's in Santee is definitely open.
Sandy-I started researching kouign amann and found out that they are usually baked inside a metal ring- so they do rise and bake and are more layered. The cup doesn't hold its shape and that's why it turns out flat. The flavor is magnificent in any case. It's so difficult to do something plain and simple.

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