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Friday, 27 December 2013



Wow, you're quick! The produce area looks bare (for now perhapsY). I remember the old Zion had produce on the floor as well as the perimeter. The ladies at Big Joy are super nice. Good to know they have a 2nd location.


Good luck to them!


This is excellent - just being a lot less chaotic than Hmart and Zion makes me want to go to UMart more. Glad to have the options.


Hi CC - I think the quality is a bit better than Zion, current state.

I hope they do well Billy.

For now R. They still haven't done a Grand Opening....who knows what happens then!


Thanks for the update on this place. How is the parking? Did they improve it somehow?

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

Ooh had no idea they were going to be ANOTHER market! Will have to check out one day. We still like Zion for grocery shopping over the other markets around Convoy.


Hi Faye - The parking configuration looks the same. It's hard to say what the crowds will bel ike until they do a "Grand Opening".

Hi Lynn - These are the folks who run First Korean Market. I guess they decided to expand.

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