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Monday, 16 December 2013



Talk about rude...


Don't these people want to be on their best behavior while you write your review?


Hi Billy - Not really rude....just not caring at all.

Hi Soo - That's the point, I'm nobody....they don't have to be great, even apathetic is fine, or even borderline rude, but not caring at all, that's another story.


Oh that Chinese Hamburger looks like it had some great potential. It kinda looks like a very dry, open meat pie (I just visited Beijing Pie House).

I liked Daiso but felt everything I bought there would break in about 2 weeks.

I give mad props to Donut King for 1) opening at 3a and 2) staying alive against the competition!


Hi Faye - Since Shaanxi and especially Xi'an is considered the end of the Silk Road think of it as a meat filled "pita" of sorts.

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