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Monday, 23 December 2013



I got so excited reading this! I haven't seen schmaltz in AGES. As a kid, my maternal grandparents used to make all sorts of traditional Ashkenazi Jewish foods. My grandfather, in particular, used to use schmaltz to make Gribenes whenever I stayed over. While I'm a vegetarian now and have no desire to eat it, I can still remember how it smelled and how much I loved it, especially the fried onions. Here is a recipe (it teaches you how to make the schmaltz too, but all you need is the gribenes part). Try it, I think you will love it. (BTW, I pulled the recipe at random, there might be other, easier ones out there, but this one is pretty darn traditional)


this sounds like one of the best road trips yet! hope you & the missus enjoy the holidays!


Aaaah, pork schmaltz! Something to try in the future. Nice post on this market. Your head cheese buffet was quite colorful!

Wandering Chopsticks

I like the missus' style. I totally would have gotten a bit of everything too. And will! Once I saw your picture on Flickr, I bookmarked the market for a future road trip myself.


Hi H - Thanks so much for the recipe and sharing the memories....that's kind of what this time of years is about, yes? I'll take a look and maybe give it a try. Happy Holidays!

It was Kat!

Hi CC - You know, we never paid much attention to the different varieties of head cheese.....

Hi WC - Happy Holidays! Hope you have a chance to check the place out soon. I think there's something about visiting here during the holidays.


Looking good.


We enjoyed ourselves Billy!


Love that place. The dry spicy sausage displayed on the counter is great. I am a huge fan of their mushroom liverwurst. The breads are worth a try as well and the spicy Lowensenf mustard is a fine counterpoint to the charcuterie. On the displays within the Butcher Shop section. Their meaty ginormous fresh ham hocks are superior to the ones I find at 99 Ranch. You will have to plan a return trip.


Hi HeidiH - Thanks for taking the time to comment! The ham hocks did look wonderful. I'm sure we'll be stopping by again and again.....


There is one variety of brats that they only have towards the end of the week that are the best. I believe they make them on Thursday and sell out by Saturday. I believe they are called dunner or german for thin.


Thanks for the tip SL!

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