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Monday, 30 December 2013



One of my friends really likes this place for their birria...great choice. It's been there FOREVER. There's a few more birria places along Highland as well (Birrias Chivos & Cheves and Don Rafa)...


Freshly made corn tortillas are amazing.


Birria de Chivo is goat right ?! It looks really hearty and delicious (I've never had goat before though).

Happy new years eve to everyone at mmm-yoso!


This was another totally random spot, cc, and so very good. I really don't research or have a destination in mind most of the time other than to ask The Mister to pick an ethnicity or utensil (yes- I ask if He wants to use a fork, spoon, chopsticks or his hands for the next meal). Checking the blog, I see Kirk has posted on both that Don Rafa location and Birrias Chivos & Cheves.
These tortillas were the best, Bill.
Yes, Faye- Birria de Chivo is goat stew and Birria de Res is beef stew. ---- de Borrego is lamb (whatever style, Barbacoa(barbecue) and Seco (stew) are the most common). I grew up eating lamb but the first time I had goat was at a wedding in National City about 15 years ago and I liked it. Happy New Year Eve to you too!


Happy New Year mmm-yoso crews!


Haha, I like those choices. I never thought about "utensil" when asking my husband where he wants to go. I usually ask, what type of food and what part of San Diego. :)


Thanks, Bill. Happy New Year to you and yours.
Ha, cc. We used to keep coupons in the car and look at them once we were in a neighborhood, so stops were still pretty much random. Lately, the utensil game when we are leaving determines a general neighborhood...although yesterday His response was 'either mabo or curry and I'd prefer noodles'...

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