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Monday, 09 December 2013



I didn't have a good experience at Liang's either. Service was slow despite not being too busy, and the beef noodle soup was mediocre. Too much MSG and the beef, even though limited in quantity, were really quite tough to chew on.


Hi R - It's sad because I think San Diego could really use a good place for NRM.

hk kid

Liang's is a Hit or Miss, OC in Tustin is great. Went to one in LA that was a Miss.Same goes with a one that I tried in San Jose also a Miss. There should be some level of QC with the Chain stores.


Bleach? eeek. I haven't been here in so long I actually completely forgot about it. I'm still surprised this chain has managed to open so many branches.




Hi HK Kid - This place seems more like a concept money grab each time I visit.

Hi Kirbie - The soup was basically inedible.....and they really didn't seem to care about that.

Hi Kat - I know.....


I feel like eating at Liang's is like being in an bad relationship. I knew I was going to be disappointed, yet I kept coming back to give them a chance.


LOL MrZ! What an analogy.....

Tenjo Bara

Hi Kirk,
From what I understand couple years ago, the food inspections people REQUIRE restaurants to rinse dishes/utensils in bleach, and then dried. They are not allowed to rinse them after the bleach (something about the bleach killing bacteria/germs, etc., and rinsing the bleach off would defeat the purpose). This is what the general manager said at my local Sam Woo's.

I personally always ask them to rinse my plates/bowls/spoons in hot tea before I start ordering. Yes, I smell bleach all the time especially in chinese restaurants. Sometimes, even in the soup tureens you can smell the bleach (which is filled with your soup).

Tenjo Bara

Kirk, if you are in Irvine area again, try the Lao Dong Beef Noodles at Walnut/Jeffrey corner (where the 99 Ranch plaza is). The bowl to order is the clear beef niu rou mian 清燉牛肉麵. I can't eat gluten (so I don't know about the noodles), but the clear beef soup with the meltingly tender slices of beef are to die for.

Since it's not the hong2 shao1, no soy sauce, the spices are more in the back instead of in the front. The broth is truly flavorful and beefy tasting. No MSG either!

I didn't like their regular hong shao nrm 紅燒牛肉麵 tho - they skimmed too much of the good stuff off (they said it's because Americans are afraid of fat and collagen) and it lacks flavor.

Hope to read what you think after trying it:-)


Hi Tenjo - Basically the three step sanitizing process requires that you air dry...however, the ratio of chlorine is supposed to be controlled at 50ppm, at leastv when i worked in the industry many years ago, that's what it was. Think of it this way; if this is the standard, that means everyone is doing this. If everyone is using the same process, how come every plate, in every restaurant doesn't taste like bleach? It's because standards are met...or in some cases, are not.

Tenjo Bara

Thanks for the info Kirk! So some places may not air dry enough or they need more plates/bowls! That's funny.

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