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Thursday, 12 December 2013



What a fun trip you had!

About the food/snacks from Whole Foods - was it Filipino style chicken adobo or Mexican? Also what were those green fruits in the plastic container? Or were they vegetables?


It was a nice and relaxing trip (almost finished writing my Christmas cards), cc. When I saw the bay leaves in the steam tray (and that it was yellow, not red with achiote), I knew it was Filipino style and saw it being placed, so was fresh (and really really good). Those are olives from the (by the pound) olive bar...the bright green ones are Castelvetrano and sold in a very large jar at Costco; I've wanted to try them forever. The large ones are Cerignola, another type I've been curious about (and are usually red), which had a relatively small pit and mostly were juicy olive, almost a lemon flavor.

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