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Tuesday, 05 November 2013


Ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Glad I already had lunch!


Ah, I was waiting for your post! Great pix of the food area and of the food selections, especially the platter you had (mmm, chicharron skins) and the caramelized banana.

we saw the pupusas sign when we visited a few days ago. We couldn't eat (even though I really wanted to) since we were on our way to the reception for a late lunch. Had to save some room.


That's amazing how the actually heat up the food for you before giving it to you. Is it cash only? The link you provided is pretty helpful - thanks!

Gypsy Jan

Hi, Cathy (and Ed and Kirk)

I love the blog and what you bring in as co-posters is always wonderful.

I have a serious case of phone camera envy - I have a no-camera situation, but hubby's iPhone is sick and they gave him a new one.

Hope that we can get the old one repaired - I will use it to document mmmyoso meals!


Thanks, Ed.
Yes, cc-Lately, I've been ordering the salsa verde chicharron stew whenever I see it offered; so good. The pupusas here are super huge and excellent. I'm glad I tried the fried plantain, so I have a gauge as to how it's supposed to taste. Vallarta is a great store.
There is a quality to the steam tray offerings here, Faye. I would think they take credit cards, it's large-a former Ralphs- with an extensive liquor selection and dealing in cash might be onerous. I try to use cash and don't pay attention...
Thanks so much, Jan. We all try to keep the blog interesting and help each other. It seems easier to photograph using a phone than a camera, even though (as you can see) sometimes the phonecamera doesn't always focus.

Kha Hoang

I live near the Vallarta in Escondido. If you ever want to grill meats at home, I highly recommend getting the al pastor from the butcher. I've picked up al pastor from 3-4 different Mexican markets, and Vallarta has my favorite thus far.

If you ever want to pick up carne asada to grill, I personally like Kennedy's Karne. They have locations in Escondido and El Centro. Kennedy's Karne claim that they have won ~16 carne asada cookoffs. I like the habanero infused carne asada, however, it is too spicy for some people.

For pupusas, if you haven't been yet, try El Salvadoreno in Grant Hill.


I've been to 'your' Vallarta only once, Kha, and it is just as nice as 'mine'. Thanks for the al pastor tip- we always pick up some chorizo (chicken, pork and beef are available and each is unique) and ceviche here; have seen the Kennedy's Karne but never stopped in, but will now. Kirk has posted on El Salvadoreño, twice and I like Pupuseria Salvadoreña & Mexican in El Cajon...will have to try El Salvadoreño to compare!

Kha Hoang

I went to El Salvadoreno before I went to El Salvador. So, I probably should go back to compare. There are a couple pupuserias in North County now, out of those, I prefer Salvadoreno Las Cazuelas. I haven't tried Pupuseria Salvadorena yet, I'll make it a point to go there within the next month or two.

I haven't tried the ceviche at Vallarta yet. I have been tempted though. Which one(s) do you like?


Thanks for the Las Cazuelas recommendation, Kha. I always get the fish ceviche when we shop. Tried the ahogados shrimp once-saved some of that sauce for use at breakfast (eggs)...the shrimp are quite large and fresh and the sauce has a good heat.


I was just at the Escondido location to pick up some beef cheek meat that was being advertised. Always pick up a pack of corn tortillas while I was there. Some peppers and tomatillos too.


This is one of our favorite markets and the grocery part of the store always has something great on sale going on each week, Carol. We've found the regular prices are good too...can't resist picking up fresh (warm) tortillas and/or torta rolls each trip. Our habit of eating before shopping is necessary...

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