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Sunday, 24 November 2013



I don't think I've had pho in El Cajon since Mira Mesa is so much closer to me. I was smiling when I read culantro b/c I learned of that herb from your blog (thought you were mistyping cilantro at first!).

I was asking Jinxi about the MSG. What does pho taste like without MSG?


Hi Faye - You'd have to depend more on the beef and other flavors.......actually, the places where I've had pho without MSG here in the states has been closer to Chinese in flavor, more anise, more onion, more pungent, and honestly, in many cases, not necessarily better. I've also had places where they just kill it with salt as well, which is doing almost the same thing.


looks perfect for our weather these days!


Perfect for ours too....though we're kinda wimpy here in San Diego!


If it smelled that bad I would have hit that U-Turn so fast.


Hi Billy - The funny....and maybe sad thing is; I've smelled worse......


WTF! Why submit to the torture? Yoso-Crazeee
I admit some smelly funky food do taste good but pho done right should not have a funk.


LOL Billy! Actually, the place had a smell, not the pho....though it tasted bitter.

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