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Thursday, 07 November 2013



Hi Kirk, too bad about Yamadaya. I was there last week and it seemed great as usual... hope you got a bad batch...
Lucky for you on the tendons! One of my favorite parts of beef, by far.


I'm always happy when I know the majority of the restaurants you mention in a post. The only one I have not been to is Mien T but I want to make it there to try that soup by end of the year. I've been on a ramen kick lately (well, buying the packaged stuff from markets and coming home to make em). Good stuff :)


Hi Jinxi - Yes, I did get "lucky" at Lucky with regard to the beef tendon! ;o) Man, that broth at Yamadaya was terrible.....we'll see in a couple of weeks.

Hi Faye - I'm glad you enjoyed the post!


I actually prefer the small noodles in the Bun Rieu now. I find it easier to build bites in my spoon. I'm not a huge slurper because soup specks on my specs are annoying. I guess I could always lick them off afterwards. ;)


sad looking ramen but everything looked pretty nice! hope you get some time off soon, Kirk!


Hi Jan - The noodles for Bun Rieu should be the thinner bun....but the version MT is using is way too thin and totally wrong.

Thanks Kat!


I go to Lucky so much that sometimes I wonder if I have ever run into you at the restaurant!

Interesting - I was there today actually and did notice a bit more tendons than usual in my bowl of Pho too.

I do complain *all the time* - at least to myself anyway - that Ramen is a lot more expensive than Pho. I was just at RakiRaki recently for the first time. To me, it was the worst rip off ever. The taste was not bad by any means, but the portions were tiny - you get 4 (if I remember correctly) tiny thin pieces of pork, even after requesting extra meat, and the overall portion wasn't even a 1/3rd of the bowl. Not that other Ramen places have good protein portions, but RakiRaki lacked *both* protein AND overall portions, which made it just disappointing. Not exactly cheap either...


Perhaps you have R! If you only knew how much product it took to make one bowl of good tonkotsu ramen. I do think that Raki Raki is a bit over-priced and runs its own hype machine, though that could easily be said of Underbelly as well. Still, great ramen has that "aaaah" factor!

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