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Monday, 25 November 2013



You have great timing Cathy! I saw a piece on the place in the news last night.


Interesting, strawberry turkey sandwich something for me to try out beside avocado. Hmmm avocado and strawberry...


Oh cool! A nice local place to get Dudley's and try more of their breads on sandwiches. The strawberry turkey caught my eye from the menu you posted - it sounds good! Nice timing, Cathy.


A great coincidence, Kirk. Apparently the "Grand Opening" isn't until December 4...I'll have gone through most of the sandwiches offered by then!
Oooh, avocado and strawberry, Bill- brilliant! If not on a sandwich, then definitely a salad.
It is *so* convenient, Mary. I do enjoy the drive North, especially with the fresh bread waiting at Dudley's (and they make sandwiches there, too), but the bread is fresh here, too.


Do you know if they have apple pie? I'm always looking for good pie.


Oh yes, Soo-Dudley's Famous apple pies (as well as other flavors) $14. Only because it is just open (and in combination with Thanksgiving) I wouldn't be sure about the inventory right now. I am fairly certain that certain pies are fresh on certain days and don't know that schedule (yet), but once I do, will update here and send you an email. I have seen the Dudley Pies in some grocers (there is a list on the original Dudley's website-the link is the words "Dudley's Bakery" in 4th paragraph.)



I looked on their website on the store locator link and Sprouts and Alberson's are near me 92121 zip code but the website says only select breads and fruit bars and I have been in the stores and have never seen their pies.

At Albertson's I have seen Julian apple pies but after asking for the fresh pie delivery schedule and arriving on the appointed day the "fresh" pie didn't taste as good as I remember the last time I actually went to Julian and bought a pie.

So I'd be willing to drive to Santee for a fresh pie.


It's great that Dudley's is now closer than before! I like their jalapeno cheese bread as well as their blueberry. Good to know about the pies! I didn't know that Dudley's made their own. Sprouts carries pies from Julian, but I forget which brand. It's not the same as getting it straight from Julian but it sure saves me gas.


I had no idea that the Dudley's pie thing was so varied, Soo, (imagine there is some sort of 'no competition' policy within the stores) and will find the schedule for pies at this new location (thinking since it hasn't even had the official opening, they are still deciding a schedule). Don't want you driving all the way out here for day old pie! Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes, Sprouts has Julian Pie Co. pies, cc, and (at least at 'my' Sprouts) both fresh and frozen. At least for now, the bread selection is varied based on the day of the week; I would imagine the inventory mirrors the 'main' store (which is closed on Monday and Tuesday), but will start to stop by regularly to see what the bread (as well as pie) 'pattern' is. Happy Thanksgiving!

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