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Saturday, 30 November 2013



that duck confit and fried egg look crazily good =) our friends made brisket and latkes. amazing thanksgiving dinner, as always =) glad yours was so nice!


I would have been happy to have the kidney, liver, and heart. Just love that nothing was waste and the duck fat FTW!!!


Sounds like a wonderful T-Day for you Lynnea!

Hi Billy - This duck cost qutie a bit, so I didn't want to waste.


Oh man that duck breast looks amazing - did you cook it in the oven or on stovetop? Can you share the recipe for the duck bone soup (a nice bowl of hot duck broth sounds so good right now).


Hi Faye - That was just cured overnight and pan fried on the stove top.

The bone soup is just that...smoked duck bones, water, star anise, shaoxing, white pepper, five spice, salt......simple.


wow, loving what you did (and ate) for t-day...


I had a fun time with this Kat!

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