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Thursday, 14 November 2013



That's pretty cool they give you a free whole sample (kinda like the good ol' days of Krispy Kreme). I didn't know the machine actually did the wrapping too. Did you order come out hot as well - or did they serve you the ones that were already made beforehand?


I really like watching all those machines, Faye, not just the one making the treat, but this Cocohodo one that wraps with all those perfect pleats. The samples and orders we've bought all have been hot or at least warm. First time, when we bought a bag of nine, we each took a sample piece plus the nice lady put a two pack wrapped in a clear plastic of 'cold' ones for us (13 total). They were still fresh tasting/moist cake without being secondarily wrapped three days later.


I was just here a couple of days ago to buy some to try out. The sample was room temperature, but the ones in the 9 piece bag were warm. The lady at the counter took them out of what looked like an insulated container. I should have eaten a warm one, but I was bringing them to a family function.


i like how these look (so cute) i'm not a big fan of the red bean filling. that machine can do almost anything, eh! awesome!


How nice to bring fresh Cocohodos to your family, Sandy. Your sample was probably still from that same day and as good as the others. It takes quite a while for them to lose their freshness.
I really would just eat the cake and the crispy walnut if I could choose, cc. The red bean paste isn't too sweet but I think is not necessary. I really like the machine and assembly line actions.

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